How to Profit from Your Visual Brand


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Holly Meyer

Holly Meyer

How to Profit from your Visual Brand

Running a sustainable business does not come without having to make investments.

Saving up and spending money on big ticket items such as a new visual brand or website design can cause heart palpitations and sweaty palms for any Savvy Business Owner.

Let’s face it, quality design – or quality anything does not come without a hefty price tag. But before your money mindset takes a hit, think about ways you can profit from your visual brand.

Be mindful about your visual brand

The first and most important step you can take for your business is to realize how important your visual brand is. We’re not just talking about your logo, but also your brand fonts, blog graphics, website design, social media graphics, headshots, and so on.

Your visual brand elements are the cosmetics of your business. While we were all raised to not judge a book by it’s cover, your business will be judged based on your visual brand.

Design influences your trust factor. Consider your visual brand your hardest working employee (after you, Savvy CEO!) Your website and social feed live online 24/7 and are often the first face of your business that your audience will encounter.

Your visual brand can make or break whether these new-to-you people decide to read your content, book your services, or buy your products. It can also affect whether or not you’re able to sell your new luxury service and book those high-end clients. Don’t expect your low-budget logo to attract your dreamy $2,000+ clients!

Evaluate your current visual brand

Now that you know the importance of your visual brand, it’s time for you to evaluate your current visuals. Some questions you need to ask yourself include: “Is my visual brand connecting with my ideal clients? Is my visual brand accurately communicating my brand mission? Do I resonate with my current visual brand?”

Need some help answering those questions? I have written (and filmed videos!) about how colors and fonts can communicate your brand mission.

Use your visual brand to it’s fullest potential

The more you use your visual brand across all the different channels of your business, the more brand recognition your audience will have. When your website, social media feeds, email signature, and headshots are all in alignment with your business – the more your audience will remember you and your message.

These people will remember your brand whenever they need your service or product, or whenever one of their friends asks for a recommendation. In turn, you’ll be able to book more clients and sell more of your amazing products.


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