a membership site experience where female entrepreneurs create, connect, communicate and collaborate.

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Business is hard. Am I cut out for this? Will I ever truly profit from this? I am exhausted. I feel alone. No one understands me. She has it all figured out. How do I get there?


Do you ever feel like this?

Imagine having a group of lady bosses who will listen to your “crazy” ideas AND...

Encourage, Embrace, give feedback to, Support, Cheer for, Connect and collaborate with, Encourage, Embrace, give feedback to, Support, Cheer for, Connect and collaborate with, YOU!


‘Cause we’re about to grow your business + dream really big + share our smarts + connect you with like-minded business gals from all over the world.

Your membership experience includes:

Monthly Masterminds

Savvy-led Masterminds are designed to give you the support, guidance, and accountability to grow your business. Each member is hand-selected and placed so that you can grow alongside other female entrepreneurs who simply get it (business, life + everything in between). Heather + Team Savvy will facilitate the communication and management of the masterminds via weekly emails + forum prompts. You’ll have monthly calls and weekly prompts to guide the conversation.


Core Trainings +Guest Experts

Video trainings from Heather and other experts each month, with a PDF workbook on topic themes you specifically ask for -- plus, you’ll get lifetime access to replays, so you can self-study at a time better suited for your busy schedule.


The Savvy Hour Live

One live 1-hour coaching session for all members each month. Have a question, ask Heather and get your answer.

Oh, and don't forget...


Forums for introductions, trainings, progress logs so you can get easy-to-find content and feedback from other members, the Savvy leaders and Heather herself.


Instant access to the community directory of verified, professional Savvies and a streamlined way to look for services -- so you can send and receive more selective, tailored messages from experienced members: think collabs, partnerships, hiring, mentorship, virtual coffee dates, & MORE!


A weekly email roundup of hot topics, big news with links and a Savvy spotlight (or two!) so even if you’re in the middle of a busy week or crazy launch and can’t jump in, you can dial into exactly what you needed without missing a beat.



Pay for a monthly or annual plan. (You receive two free months with an annual plan.)


Create your profile. Choose your fave headshot, add your title, location, website and social links - plus choose if you are interested in virtual coffee chats, collabs, mentorship and being hired.


Be welcomed as a new Savvy Community member by the Savvy team, introduce yourself to the community and start connecting and learning!!

registration is closed. get on the waitlist!

not sure if this is for you yet?

Imagine this:

  • Building a successful business aside other smart, like-minded female business owners.
  • Having “coworkers” to bounce your business ideas off of.
  • Getting back to grassroots business building, having ladies cheering you on and who know you by name.
  • Connecting with gals who know what it is like to have days where you want to grab your lunch and bolt for the “bathroom stall” and start your business all over again. (We’ve got you boo!)
  • Kicking those icky business gremlins in your head that are taking over to the curb and having a tribe of biz besties to help you focus on what really matters in your business and your life.
  • Getting the opportunity to get exposure to over 10,000 people monthly by showcasing your expertise via The Savvy Community blog posts and our Youtube channel. (This is a perk reserved only for Savvy Community members.)
  • Learning from Heather, a successful business mentor with over 12 years experience in the entrepreneurial world, and from other wildly successful lady business experts as well.
  • Being sent a weekly roundup email so you don’t miss out on any opportunities, Savvy discounts or business connections.

What other Savvies have asked before joining:

Yes, you will be able to cancel at any time. When you join The Savvy Community you will pay upfront for the first month in full.

registration is closed. get on the waitlist!