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Heather Crabtree

Heather is the Founder of The Savvy Community. She helps female creative entrepreneurs all over the world create and grow a savvy business that combines their smarts and heart. She is a business mentor who believes your business should fit in your life and you should not be forced to fit your life in your business.

Break through the new Instagram algorithm. Check out how to connect and convert.

Instagram — if used wisely, it can be your secret weapon for leads in your business. With 15 times more engagement than Facebook + 40 times more user engagement than Twitter, there’s a big opportunity for you to get on the platform and truly speak to your people.

But I feel like most of us know of its potential…or at least it’s potential potential, or else why would we be constantly wanting to learn more about it?

We’ve covered how to show value on your Instagram + how to create a brand voice that resonates with your peeps, but we haven’t plunged into how to nurture them once your dreamy target market tribe is following you.

And that? It’s invaluable.

Tip #1: Respond to comments

But not just with the yellow heart a few times (again) or a “thank you so much!”

This method may work for basic engagement, but what you really want is to create a connection. Look at their comments as an invitation to start a conversation. Be authentic and ask questions.

For instance, if you post about a vulnerable biz lesson and Kim comments “amen!” you could respond with, “So glad this resonates with you, Kim! What’s a biz lesson you’re still learning? I feel like this whole ‘owning your own business’ thing is like being in a classroom 24/7!”

This is good for multiple reasons.

  • It allows you to learn about Kim’s struggles. If she’s in your target market, you can use that to possibly create content that align with her needs.
  • It builds trust among you and Kim — she’ll want to come back to you the next time she has a question or maybe needs to vent (don’t we all sometimes?)
  • It opens the door for a full-blown convo which a) sparks engagement which the Instagram algorithm is currently feeding on + b) allows for infinite possibility — will others in your target market see the exchange and want to join in? Will Kim feel called to support you in your biz by becoming a client or customer? Will she come back to you 3 months down the road when she’s looking for a company that offers what you do?

Tip #2: Create a Link Page

You can use sites like or utilize your tech savviness (or your bomb web designer) + create a link page so when your followers want something you have to offer, they don’t have to go around searching.

Think about one of the last things you wanted to buy online or learn more about: Was it easy to find? If not, did you spend many minutes perusing the Interwebs trying to find it? Chances are, you didn’t want to spend your precious time that way, and your audience doesn’t either!

Include things you talk about often on your link page: Your services, products, a blog you wrote, a podcast you were recently a guest on, where they can buy that plush blanket you always post about. You know the stuff.

Tip #3: Ask a Lot of Questions

In polls on your Stories, in your captions, on IGLive’s, people like to know that their opinions matter. And what they love? Seeing their opinions being valued.

An example of this would be forming a poll for your followers on what book to read next and doing something as simple as actually reading the book they chose. In business, this could also look like asking them what they want to see next in your online shop and then adding the item soon after.



And there you have it, nurturing your audience on Instagram doesn’t have to become overly complicated. It really just comes down to creating connections, sharing what you love and showing them they’re valued.

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