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Heather Crabtree

Heather is the Founder of The Savvy Community. She helps female creative entrepreneurs all over the world create and grow a savvy business that combines their smarts and heart. She is a business mentor who believes your business should fit in your life and you should not be forced to fit your life in your business.

Building Your Sales Funnel

Have you heard the words sales funnel or marketing funnel and freaked out or shrugged your shoulders because you really have no idea what that means? Yeah, you are not alone. When I talk to entrepreneurs about building a sales funnel for their business in order to convert readers and followers to buyers, I get blank stares, the fear starts setting in and they don’t know where to start.

Essentially a sales funnel is a road map that guides someone from point A-Z to buy from you. For example, your sales funnel may take them from reading your blog or watching your Instagram feed to going to your website and actually purchasing your product or service. Yes, it seems easier said than done, but I am here to help you, my friend.

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