You’ve Hit Your Income Goal…Now What?


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Heather Crabtree

Heather is the Founder of The Savvy Community. She helps female creative entrepreneurs all over the world create and grow a savvy business that combines their smarts and heart. She is a business mentor who believes your business should fit in your life and you should not be forced to fit your life in your business.

Find out what to do if you hit your income goal!

First off, let’s blast the Girlpower playlist + have a dance party for you, girlfriend! Congratulations! You’ve hit your patiently awaited income goal + Team Savvy is beaming from ear-to-ear with pride.

But after the confetti is swept up + the playlist has ended, reality can begin to sink in. Thoughts like:

“What do I aspire to now?”

“I’ve been working so hard to reach that number for so many years…can I possibly go any higher?”

“Do I want the responsibility that comes with a higher income?”

Become more + more prevalent.

And we get it. Along with the major cause for celebration can come waves of panic. That’s why today, we wanted to dive into some realistic ways to keep on keepin’ on.

First up?

Consider your “why?”

You had that number in mind for a reason– what was your reason?

Was it to take your family on more vacations? Bring water to an impoverished community that touched your heart? Remodel the kitchen that you love to cook in? Once you’re brought back to your “why” it’s a lot easier to #dothething.

You’ve worked hard for this moment. Now go celebrate it in your special way!

Next, create a vision for your ideal future.

You’ve gotten this far, and life is great! But what does your ideal future look like now? Have you realized that you’d like to be able to afford your children’s college tuition? Afford a vow renewal in Paris with your sweetie? Start a foundation to help underprivileged children? Whip-out your journal (or go treat ‘cho self to this adorable one!) and write an entry as if you’re leading your dream day (where hours didn’t exist!) then format your next goal around that.

The last thing I want you to do?  Think about how you can help grow others.

You’ve hit a goal that many spend their whole lives trying to reach! Can you teach other boss ladies how to do the same? Give pointers on your flawless social media strategy? Spill the beans on the way you cultivate such strong client relations? The world needs more of your goodness in it + remember this:

When one woman succeeds, we all do.

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Tell me: What do you need to reach your income goal? Have you been there, done that? How did you handle it?

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