4 Ways to Prepare Your Audience for Your Launch


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4 Ways to Prepare Your Audience for Your Launch

We all have that deep fear before we send that email announcing our new product that we’re launching. You know the one.

The one where you’re afraid to hit “send” because it just might flop. Or worse, your audience will turn on you and resent you for trying to sell them something.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel that way too. It’s natural, but it passes more quickly for me because I know that I took the time to prepare my audience for what’s coming — even if they don’t know it yet.

So today, I’m sharing with you 4 practical ways to do that for yourself so you lower the chances of a launch flop and raise your chances for high conversion rates.

Pre-validation and positioning of your launch offer

How many times have you put your heart and soul into a piece of content and seen it fall flat? Me too, Savvy, and it’s even more devastating if you do that with something new you’re offering.

Once upon a time, I almost offered my audience the wrong product. I wrote the whole outline and got excited, but then something told me to send a survey to my list to see what they really wanted. I’m so glad I did, because I ended up with a totally different product that converted at 9% that launch and went on to earn me multiple five figures in passive income down the line.

This is why pre-validation of the topic and the positioning are key to a successful launch. All it takes is a little survey to hear where they need help or a “Would you like this?” post or email to see if they’re as excited as you are.

Plus you get bonus points for getting a copy bank to pull from using their own words if you just  ask them.

List, engagement, and reputation building

During your pre-launch weeks, it’s not just important to prepare your audience but also to build it. That means it’s time to turn on the visibility faucet by being featured on podcasts and blogs in your target market’s favorite places. Make sure the topic is on point with your offer.

This is also a great time to create a new opt-in freebie around your product topic. First, send it to your list so you can see who is interested in this topic (and tag them in your email for good measure) while re-engaging your list. Second, put it out there for new people — this can be through your guest appearances, ads, and social media.

All of this helps you build your reach and reputation while also creating a more engaged list to help boost your conversion numbers when launch time comes.

Priming Content

Your pre-launch content strategy needs to build up to your main launch product. This helps to prime and prepare them to be more ready when the time comes, and it should permeate everywhere you are sharing your message in this phase.

So what should you talk about? Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • What mindsets need to be addressed?
  • What do they need to have a knowledge of or understand about what they need?
  • What result do they need before they’re ready for your offer?
  • What mistakes or myths need to be talked about?
  • How can you start building their trust around this topic now?

Once you run through those questions, you’ll have a ton of content ideas to use for blog posts, emails, and launch collateral like webinars, challenges, and freebies.

Warming Up Personal Leads

There’s an often overlooked side to a launch that can help boost your conversions, especially if you’re a service provider or are launching a new program that’s a great fit for those who completed another recent program. You do this by finding your warm leads and taking a little time now to create more.

There are a few ways to do this. First, take a look at current and past clients, students, or customers. Who from there would work nicely in this program? Second, jump on free calls and connection calls to to those you’ve noticed are active in your list, group, or wherever else you hang out. After that, personally invite the ones you think are right for your new offer to join.

Lastly, take a look at the lead scores on your email list and take some time to warm them up with a call or with a free group training (like a webinar) that’s exclusive to them. This let’s them know you noticed them and takes a warm lead to a hot one because they feel extra special to get access to you this way.


Bonus tip here: You can even offer special bonuses or pre-sell your product to these people before you publicly open the cart.

Successful launches are built on real relationships. If you implement these tips, you’re on your way to building deeper relationships — even through mass communication — that can allow for more sales and less stress when you finally hit “send” on that open cart email.

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What do you have coming up + how are you going to promote before your big launch?

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