Why Video Is Important To Your Brand


This week’s video about why video is important to your brand is brought to us by The Savvy Community member, Jessica Freeman. Jess is an award winning graphic + web designer and helps service-based entrepreneurs rock their businesses! She produces her own YouTube channel + podcast. She’s grown her business by being consistently visible and creating awesome content (plus, she’s an all around great gal!)

Today, she’s sharing with us why video is important for your brand.

Give her episode a watch:


To recap:

Video helps you:

Create. It helps you build that know, like, + trust factor.

Connect. Video content helps to show your personality + connect with your audience.

Communicate. Sometimes video is easier to communicate something.

Collaborate. Video helps you gain exposure + visibility within your industry.

Want more from Jessica? Check out her site here.


If you are using video to grow your brand, tell us in the comments how it allows you to create, connect, communicate, or collaborate!



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