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Lauren Black

Lauren Black

As a creative strategist, Lauren Black helps entrepreneurs break free from their daily grind to plan for success. Having worked in the analytical corporate world and the creative design industry, Lauren combines right-brain and left-brain thinking to create strategic business solutions. As a multipassionate entrepreneur, Lauren currently runs three businesses: Legacy Loft, a graphic design & branding studio; Elevate & Cultivate, a community for design professionals; and Bosscation, a business retreat in a box for strategic business planning.

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What to Do When You No Longer Love What You Do

Months’ worth of tears that I’d been holding in finally burst out. “I can’t do this any longer,” I sobbed to my husband, “I can’t be the perfect wife, the perfect business owner, the perfect person.” The mask and cape I’d been hiding behind were finally torn off. He said, “Honey, you no longer love what you do. Find a way to restore your passion.”

I was juggling tons of client work, the “business” side of my business, volunteering at my church, playing with my nephews and spending time with my husband. That made for late nights of hustling, busy weekends of socializing, and no time left for myself.

I was silently miserable and had fallen out of love with my business. Something had to change.

One weekend, with the house to myself, I set up camp in my living room to soul search and plan. Should I grow my team, add passive income, change my packages, up my pricing, create a one-to-many offer? I mapped out the possibilities with dry erase markers on the glass doors.

There were 4 steps I took to determine my new path:

1. Task Audit

I wrote down every task that was on my plate — big or small — and rated it by how much I liked/disliked it, how strong I was at it, and consequences of cutting it from my business. I discovered that only a few things were actually critical to run my business.

By cutting back on anything without a clear return on your (time) investment, you’ll free yourself for the more impactful projects and tasks. What are the absolute essentials to keep your business growing?

Some things I cut back on were:


I actually find continual education to be essential for business owners. But rather than consuming every blog post, webinar and podcast episode, I’m now intentional about only seeking topics that are currently relevant to me.

Social Media

I used to post to every social media platform a million times a day (*slight exaggeration). I’d spend hours on Facebook and Instagram, “networking”. Now I’ve turned off all notifications except for those of my own pages/group and have cut way back on posting. It’s nice to interact during dedicated times, without being consumed by it.


Don’t get me wrong, networking is extremely important… but you need to set limits and be intentional with your time. I used to schedule to coffee chats with anyone who wanted to talk… and then end up with 2-3 calls a week, often with people that shared nothing in common. While I made a few lasting relationships, I’ve stopped opening my calendar to just anyone.

2. Team Audit

The next thing I did was a team audit. I didn’t actually have a team at the time, but I knew I needed to delegate. Going back through my task list, I looked at everything that could be done faster or better by someone else and placed that on a “wish list.”

It took a few months to find the right team members, and it’ll probably grow with time, but I knew I’d remain a strugglepreneur as a solopreneur. My team has freed me up to work on the things only I can do, which has brought down my stress level exponentially.

3. Goals Audit

I did some soul searching around my goals, asking myself a few things:

  • What do you want your life and business to look like in one year; in five years? Why?
  • Are you creating your goals by coveting what others’ do or around your own desires?
  • Are your actions today and the current path you’re on leading towards these goals?
  • If your current business were to be tremendously successful, what would your life and business look like? Does that align with your goals from question 1?

I realized one major thing from this: my life and business should remain my life and business! I’d been comparing my start to others’ years of success, which had me working endless hours to catch up… all the while leading me down the wrong path.

4. Strengths Audit

I’d evaluated some of my strengths in the task audit section, but was only evaluating myself on my current assignments. Think back to every job, leadership position, volunteer work, and business position you’ve had. What were you complimented on and what came easy to you? What are your best personality traits? So many of us are multipotentialites with tons of strengths and passions… See how you can bring the best ones into your business!

The Final Result

Combining everything I’d discovered about myself, I had two “aha” moments that changed everything. I would never have discovered those without getting away from the computer, client work and notifications. If you’re silently suffering like I was, I encourage you to make space to soul search and audit yourself. Make room to think, dream and create, until you’ve found the path that’s perfect for you! That’s how you’ll love what you do no matter what challenges come your way.

Having broken free from my burnout, I knew I needed to recreate my experience for other business owners. I’ve since started a new business, Bosscation — a business retreat in a box to help entrepreneurs escape from their daily hustle to strategically plan for their business. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have too many things on your task list, I’d love to share with you my free business breakthrough workbook to determine how you can reshape your business and avoid burning out. You can download the free business breakthrough workbook here!



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Need to determine the heart of your business? Download the worksheet now.

download your copy of The Heart of Your Business download

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