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Heather Crabtree

Heather is the Founder of The Savvy Community. She helps female creative entrepreneurs all over the world create and grow a savvy business that combines their smarts and heart. She is a business mentor who believes your business should fit in your life and you should not be forced to fit your life in your business.

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If you’ve been around Savvy land for any amount of time, you know that running our business with heart is at the tippity-top of our values list– and we express that often!


But what exactly does that mean? It means that we’re a grateful bunch of gals working to share our smarts, create a community for other supportive women + a team of people always looking to make heart-centered decisions…even when that means taking a few risks and jumping into scary unchartered territory!


We’re so dedicated to the values of The Savvy Community, that we wanted to take the time to today to share how you too can create a business that’s full of your heart and values– so you can feel as overjoyed about your community as we do!


Here’s How to Incorporate More Heart Into Your Biz:

Get clear on your values

You may have thought about the values you have for your business here and there,  but have you taken the time yet to sit down, list them out and write about why each point is so important to you? Doing this is an exercise that has helped us (and countless other Savvies) get clear on why we want to run our businesses the way we do.


Make decisions that make you jump up and shout, “Yes!”

And say, “no thank you,” to the offerings or thoughts that make you second guess if they’re really a good fit for your ideal path. We’re all for taking chances (we love a good risk when it feels good in our gut!), but there’s a fine line between taking a nervous leap and doing something that doesn’t feel right deep down.


Ignore the norms!

AKA: Ignore what everyone else in your industry is doing and do you. You know who your target audience is, you know the vibes you want your tribe to feel and you know the amazing gifts you have to give to worthy people.


Love pink but health coaches are supposed to veer towards softer tones in their branding? Feel weird writing without a cuss word thrown in here + there? Loathe styled flat-lays but live for “real life” photos with long, thought-out captions? Do what feels right to you. It will be appreciated + you will be rewarded!

What will you do today to start running your business with more heart? Tell us in the comments below!

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