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Rae is the Director of Happiness of Team Savvy. She's the founder of Productive Co., a company that helps businesses run efficiently and effectively. With a master's degree in operations management in tow, she eliminates bottlenecks, implements systems, and improves processes to optimize time, money, and energy for small businesses. She's the go-to gal for Dubsado set up and Pinterest management.

Need a little inspiration? Grab a sample housekeeping calendar here.

download your copy of Business Housekeeping Calendar

Create a Housekeeping Calendar for Your Business

Client: “Could you send me a copy of my invoice?”

Me: “Sure, let me send it over to you right away!”

**Opens Downloads folder and scrolls through hundreds of items to find the right document.**

Me: Ahhh!


Would you be embarrassed if someone else saw you run the backend of your business? Do you clean up one area of your business only to find it a mess again months later? If you answered yes to either question, I know how you feel. Owning a business involves keeping track of many moving parts. It’s hard to remember everything involved in running a company. But I have a solution for you: Stop trying and create a housekeeping calendar for your business!

Now, wait– don’t tune me out because I mentioned housework. In the online business world, we hear a lot about creating social media and content calendars. However, you’ve got to remember to plan the next round of your content creation in the first place! A good system will save you from having to scroll through 4543 documents in your Downloads folder and from the embarrassment of sending late invoices, too.

You need a housekeeping calendar if you want your operations to run smoothly. This is great for any entrepreneur: product or service-based, from freelancer to agency owner.

You’ll feel so much better knowing you’re staying ahead, but most importantly, your business will run more efficiently. This means less frustration and more time to focus on expanding your empire. Now that sounds fun.

I’ll show you a simple system to stay on top of all those tiny tasks involved in maintaining the backend of your business using your project management software of choice.


1. Create a new project in Asana or board in Trello

On Team Savvy, we love using Asana’s boards function and I recommend it for this system instead of a list.

Label this calendar Housekeeping or Maintenance or whatever makes sense to you. Bonus points if you come up with a creative name.


Create a Board in Asana

Asana: When you create a new project, select “board.”

 2. Create Intervals

Next you’ll need to create titles for your columns in Asana or your lists in Trello. I recommend labeling them One-Time, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-Annually, + Annually. 

3. Put Tasks on Your Business’ Housekeeping Calendar

These will be unique to your company. What things have you come across and thought “I need to organize/clean out/back up/etc _______”? Those things likely belong in your housekeeping calendar.

Think about all aspects of your operations ranging from file management to bookkeeping. Consider various software you use as well. If there are parts of your business that aren’t digital, you’ll want to include maintenance on your paper files and inventory.

Asana: Begin adding tasks to each column.

Asana: Begin adding tasks to each column.

Some suggested areas to consider are cleaning out your Downloads folder, backing up your files, bookkeeping, and scheduling your next round of content planning.

Need a little inspiration? Grab a sample calendar at the bottom of this post.


4. Assign Tasks and Set Recurring Due Dates

You’ll want to create due dates for your tasks. This is a key step. Aside from One-Time tasks, all tasks will need recurring due dates.

For Asana, you’ll click on Due Date and then Set to Repeat. From there, choose the Repeat and Interval settings that suit the task. 

In Trello, you can make tasks recur through Power-Ups like Card Repeater and Butler for Trello.

Pro tip: Stagger your due dates. You won’t want all of your monthly tasks to be due on the same day. Spread them out.



That’s all it takes to create your business’ housekeeping calendar. Now you’re on the right track to staying on top of your operations instead of buried underneath them. 

*Keep in mind that this is a process. It won’t be perfect the first time around. You’ll come up with new tasks over time and may want to change the frequency of existing ones.  

Checkpoint 2

Need a little inspiration? Grab a sample housekeeping calendar here.

download your copy of Business Housekeeping Calendar

What task is most needed on your housekeeping calendar? Share below.

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