How To Determine The Right Product Mix for Your Business


Determine the Heart of Your Business 


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Jordana Randolph

Jordana is a product business consultant and also turns product-based businesses from small side hustles to full-time to being wildly successful.

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Creating a Strong Mix of Products

Have you struggled with determining the right mix of products for your business?

In this video,  The Savvy Community member, Jordana Randolph shares exactly why business owners should create a strong mix of products.


Step One:

Develop your core business. >> This is likely the product that launched your company.

Step Two:

Know why your customers love your core business. >> Knowing this will help your products become your cash cows = What keeps your biz going!

Step Three:

Stay focused. >> Staying focused on your expertise will help you create a cohesive group of products that fit with your core business.

Tell us in the comments below, what is your niche and your core business?

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