5 Little Shifts That Make a BIG Difference In Your Business


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Heather Crabtree

Heather is the Founder of The Savvy Community. She helps female creative entrepreneurs all over the world create and grow a savvy business that combines their smarts and heart. She is a business mentor who believes your business should fit in your life and you should not be forced to fit your life in your business.

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Business as usual can feel pretty darn mundane and it’s easy to fall into a routine that no longer leaves you feeling fulfilled. And when that happens? Your work no longer thrives as it once did.


With these 5 small shifts, your biz can change in a big way:


1. Eat the Frog. First Thing!

This means that you should start your day with your most daunting task. Doing it first thing means you’ll 100% get it out of the way and the rest of your work won’t be bogged down with the incoming dread of the project. We recently started doing this and we’ve seen major results!


2. Schedule Coffee Dates

Virtual, IRL, doesn’t matter! Sitting down and having conversations with other business owners work wonders for getting excited over new ideas and it’s a great way to network and go beyond the 4 walls of your office space. It gets exhasuting working alone all day!


3. Dream Big

Once a month, go through and make a dream career goals list. It doesn’t matter how big or small they may be! Making a list will keep you motivated and your eye on the prize. Want to write a book? A spot on The Today Show? 10 new coaching clients by the end of the year? List it out!


4. Charge What You’re Worth

Are you charging enough that you can make a living doing what you’re doing or are you feeling burnt out trying to do everything for everyone? Answer honestly and alter your rates accordingly.


5. Take A Break

Taking a break every day (even if it’s just a 30 minute walk!) can make a serious difference in your attitude. Give it a try!



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What do you do to shake things up when you’re feeling a little blah? In the comments, tell us your best bad mood busting business shift!

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  1. Christine Joy on 06/07/2017 at 8:53 pm

    Remember to breathe! Sticky notes, reminders, alarms to breathe & “Self Love”

    • Heather Crabtree on 06/07/2017 at 10:22 pm

      I love this! Self love, remembering to breathe…I resonate so much with those things right now. Thank you for sharing!

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